Do I need a Pump and Tank with my Fire Sprinkler System

Every day we are asked the same question – Do I need a pump and Tank with my new Sprinkler System.

To answer this question you first need to understand why you may require a Pump and Tank in the First Place:

The Design of the Sprinkler System is the most important thing to determine if a Pump and Tank is required or not.  When Fire Safety Wales Designers design a new Fire Sprinkler System we take into account several different variables:

  • Building Layout

Different size rooms require different quantities of sprinkler heads.  When we design a system we have to position sprinkler heads in certain locations to ensure that every part of the room is wettened if a fire was to start.

The number of floors in your new home determines how much pressure is required to pump the water to the top floor.  Similar to when you walk up the stairs you require more energy, the same with water, the more pressure is required.

  • Mains Water Pressure and Flow

Mains Water Pressure and Flow rates vary all over the UK.  Depending on the current infrastructure in your area will determine how much flow and pressure you will have at your home.

The size of your Water Main also determines how much flow you have entering your property.  As a rule of thumb, all properties requiring a Fire Sprinkler System should be fitted with a 32mm MDPE Main Supply.

  • System Design

The way your system is designed has a major imprecation on how much flow and pressure is required to operate your Fire Sprinkler System.

There are hundreds of different types of sprinkler heads available and each one requires different flows and pressures to operate.  When a system is designed for a residential property the designer must calculate the flow and pressure requirements based on a maximum of 2 (Domestic) and 4 (Residential) Sprinkler Heads operating at the same time.

Standard Sprinkler Heads require more water than a 32mm main water supply can offer, as a result of this Fire Safety Wales work very closely with Water Suppliers (e.g. Welsh Water) and our suppliers to ensure the heads we specify and use fall within the flow rates available in the area.

The Size of Sprinkler Pipe has a big part to play in the flow and pressure requirements.  Bigger pipes allow more water to flow through with less frictional losses reducing the flow and pressure requirements.

With the above taken into account, our designers can inform you if you need a pump and Tank early on.

So if a Pump and Tank is required where can you site them?


The normal tank we install is 1200L, weighing approx 1.2 Tonne.  So normally the attic is not the best place to site this unless the attic has been reinforced.

Fire Safety Wales offers a large range of different tanks.  These are very similar to Oils Tanks (see right).  These can be sited either out in your garden (above or below ground), in your basement or your Plant Room.

Sprinkler Pumps are normally located near the Tank/Water Supply but these can also be located under stairs or in Plant Rooms.

For more information regarding pumps and Tanks and if you need one contact us on 01267 468090 or fill in our Contact form.