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Fire Safety Wales are installers of Fire Sprinklers to BS9251:2014 and Watermist Fire Sprinklers to BS8458:2015.

Fire is devastating and can rip through a building at frightening speed. Installing a Sprinkler System will provide you, your home and your family with 24-hour protection that can stop a fire the second it breaks out.

When a fire starts it produces hot gases which rise to the ceiling where the sprinkler is located.  At 67°C the sprinkler activates extinguishing the fire.  In 99% of fire tests, only one sprinkler head operates.

Fire Safety Wales install Residential & Domestic Sprinkler Systems throughout Wales for homeowners as well as care homes and hotels.

The typical sprinkler installation is made comprises of CPVC Pipework located above the ceiling, with concealed sprinkler heads positioned flush to the ceiling, which is supplied either from the water mains or from a storage tank via a pump. When a sprinkler operates, the flow of water in the pipework operates a flow switch which in turn operates an alarm system. The flow of water is small, usually less than 1/100th of the water used by the Fire and Rescue Service.

Reliable and dependable

Sprinklers do not go off accidentally and are only triggered by a real fire. They are also very reliable and only 1 sprinkler in 16,000,000 exhibits any form of manufacturing defect.
Sprinkler Install

Our staff are fully qualified and 3rd Party accredited to Design and Install conventional and Water Mist sprinklers.  Fire Safety Wales has full CAD and the latest sprinkler hydraulic calculations software to assist our design team in working with architects and other design consultants.

As from 1st January 2016, all new build and converted, domestic and residential properties require an automatic fire suppression system in accordance to BS9251 or BS8458.

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